history of U-Chong TKD school


On 1 May 1996, the U-Chong Taekwondo school opened in central Munich.

From the outset, the trainer's aim was to pass not only purely physical knowledge of Taekwondo, but also to convey the "harmony of body and spirit." So does the Korean word "U-Chong" in the English translation mean "friendship", "deep inner relationship with others". To exemplify and mediate this philosophic principle is the ongoing pursuit of grandmaster Chang, Jae hee and Michael Hesse.

That this is the right way, chiefly in our hectic and fast-moving world, is proven not only by the huge amount of members, but also by the parents of the children who train in this Taekwondo school.

Regardless of age, origin and religious attitude, there are currently about 200 people training in the U-Chong Taekwondo school. To expand the training offer, a morning session was introduced.


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